2024 May Meeting - Pass or Play: What does GenAI mean for the Java developer?

Our May meeting has been scheduled, and it should be another great one: Artificial Intelligence! This month, we will be hosting a well-known speaker (and awesome person) from the St. Louis area, Jennifer Reif, who will be discussing generative AI and how it might of use (or not!) to us as Java developers.

Note that this meeting will be in our normal (can we still it that?) lunch hour slot at 11:30am. We will be meeting where we did last time at the Office of Managment and Enterprise Services (see the map to the right). Please don’t forget to hit the Meetup and RSVP!

The Presentation

GenAI, LLM, and other buzzwords are everywhere. The sea of acronyms can feel like (and sometimes actually are) a black box for the complex logic and processes that underpin them. Does/should a Java developer care? In this session, we’ll explore how these technologies operate and cover many of the technical terms that go along with them, such as hallucinations, grounding, and more. We will understand the abilities GenAI can provide to technical solutions alongside some of the struggles they bring, as well. Live-code examples will show how Java developers can utilize GenAI and help determine whether they are worth the hype. Come see if you should pass or play on GenAI.

The Speaker

Jennifer Reif Jennifer Reif is a Developer Advocate at Neo4j, speaker, and blogger with an MS in CMIS. An avid developer and problem-solver, she has worked with many businesses and projects to organize and make sense of widespread data assets and leverage them for maximum business value. She has expertise in a variety of commercial and open source tools, and she enjoys learning new technologies, sometimes on a daily basis! Her passion is finding ways to organize chaos and deliver software more effectively.

Meeting Time

Date: 2024-05-14
Time: 11:30am

Meeting Location

OMES Data Center, Vareeda Fenimore Learning Lab
Room 2023
3115 N Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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