2024 January Meeting - Managing Secrets

Our first meeting of the year is scheduled! Our speaker will be our very own Ryan Hoegg. Thanks to the generosity of a local business, we’ll be meeting at a new location, The Verge OKC. There’s parking south of the building, so come up Oklahoma Ave and turn west on Wanda Jackson. There’s a sign with the cost for parking, but tell them that your there for Verge, and we’ll take care of it.

Please be sure to RSVP over at Meetup so we can make an accurate food order.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

The Presentation

Managing sensitive information needed by server software is a problem that software teams share with other parts of IT. Let's explore how modern IT teams solve this problem using dedicated secrets management tools, and how we can incorporate these methods and tools into our Mule applications. Some of the tools we'll review are Hashicorp Vault, AWS Secrets Manager, Azure Key Vault, and Google Secret Manager.

The Speaker

Ryan Hoegg Ryan Hoegg has been a member of the OKCJUG since 2006, and still writes software!

Meeting Time

Date: 2024-01-23
Time: 11:30am

Meeting Location

Verge OKC
12 E. California St, Suite 200, OKC, OK

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