2019 March Meeting - Microservices with Micronaut

The Presentation

As microservices have exploded on to the scene, so have microservice frameworks. In the JVM world, we have a myriad of options. In an already crowded space, though, a new framework has appeared that is extremely promising. Micronaut is a polyglot microservice framework from the inventors of the Grails framework, supporting Java, Kotlin, and Groovy out of the box. Micronaut ships with support for a wide number of capabilities, including dependency injection, aspect oriented programming, object relational mapping (via JPA or GORM), cloud native features (Consul, Eureka, Kubernetes, AWS, and others), serverless/functions-as-a-service, and many more. It even comes with a testing framework.

In this presentation, we'll see how to get started using Micronaut using a small subset of those features as we build a simple REST service. We'll use JPA for persistence, and secure the application using JSON Web Tokens, all fully tested. At the end of the session, we'll have a solid foundation for building microservices using this new offering.

The Speaker

Jason Lee Jason Lee is a software developer living in the middle of Oklahoma. He has been a professional developer since 1997, using a variety of languages, including Java, Kotlin, Javascript, PHP, Python, Delphi, and even a bit of C#. He currently works for Red Hat on the WildFly/EAP team, where, among other things, he maintains integrations for some MicroProfile specs, OpenTelemetry, Micrometer, Jakarta Faces, and Bean Validation. (Resume, LinkedIn) He is the president of the Oklahoma City JUG, an occasional speaker there, as well as at a variety of technical conferences, and a book author.

On the personal side, he is active in his church, and enjoys bass guitar, running, fishing, and a variety of martial arts. He is also married to a beautiful woman, and has two boys, who, thankfully, look like their mother.

Meeting Time

Date: 2019-03-12
Time: 11:30am

Meeting Location

StarSpace46 / Techlahoma
1141 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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