2019 April Meeting


Reactive Programming Applying Duality: The Lost Art of Denotational Semantics


StarSpace46 / Techlahoma 1141 W. Sheridan Avenue


2019-04-09 11:30

The phrase Denotational Semantics is an academic term for mapping programs to mathematical objects as a way to define their meanings. This phrase is not well-known in industry but we use it here to make it clear that this presentation is a shamelss rip off of a talk by Erik Meijer of a similar title. Erik Meijer, the founder of Applied Duality, is often cited as the inventor of 'reactive', a group of frameworks which have shown up in almost every programming language. The universal applicability of Meijer’s initial reactive framework is attributed by Meijer to long-established mathematical principles such as currying, duality, and coproducts. With these few simple constructions we can understand a wide variety of interfaces in a deeper way.

As a practical example, we will cover Meijer’s derivation of Observable/Observer interfaces as duals of Iterable/Iterator interfaces. The takeaway is that every developer can apply denotational semantics to better design and implement common programs.

Speaker Bio:

Justin is an awesome, funny Math guy who’s became a Java prodigy in the last 5 years - switching from academia to the software industry. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Northwestern University, and works at PCI as a Senior Principal Developer. He’s got a passion for system architecture and super-clean well-structured code.

StarSpace46 / Techlahoma: 1141 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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