2018 September Meeting


Oracle Turns Java up to 11


Clevyr, Inc. 912 N. Classen Blvd (Temporary Location Change)


2018-09-11 11:30

At the end of this month, Oracle is scheduled to release Java 11. In this session, we’ll see what’s new in the latest revision of the world’s most popular programming language. We’ll start with a rundown of features, including those added in Java 10 to get us to date, and end with examples of Java 11’s additions. IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a scheduling conflict at StarSpace46, we will be meeting this month at Clevyr. Many thanks to Aaron Krauss for the hospitality!

Speaker Bio

Jason Lee is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff for Oracle working on the GlassFish Administration Console as well as the RESTful Administration interface. Jason has extensive experience working with web-based technologies such as JavaServer Faces and Ajax, as well as many other enterprise technologies based on the GlassFish platform.

Jason has been writing software professionally since 1997 in a wide variety of languages and environments, including Java, PHP, C/C++, and Delphi on both Linux/Unix and Windows. You can read more about what Jason’s working on at his blog.

Most importantly, Jason is married to a beautiful woman and has two sons who, thankfully, look like their mother.

Please go to Meetup and sign up so we will have a count for the food. We thank Techlahoma for generously providing the food and drink, and to Clevyr, Inc for providing the facility.

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