2018 May Meeting


Jerkey: An introduction to Kotlin DSLs using Jersey


StarSpace46 / Techlahoma 1141 W. Sheridan Avenue


2018-05-08 11:30

One of the many strengths of Kotlin is the ease with it allows us to write Domain Specific Languages. Perhaps you’ve seen Anko for Android, or maybe TornadoFX for JavaFX and gotten the itch to write your own, or maybe just wondered how its done. Wonder know more! In this session, we’ll start from the beginning as we build Jerkey, Kotlin-based DSL for building Jersey applications (Jersey + Kotlin = Jerkey ;). We’ll start by covering the basics you need to understand in order write a DSL. Next, we’ll spec out how we want the DSL to look and work, and, finally, we’ll implement it and in doing so demonstrate not only the power of Kotlin, but how well the Kotlin/Java interop really is by showing code paths bouncing between Java and Kotlin code. fun willBeHadByAll() \{ }

Speaker Bio

Jason Lee is a Senior Principal Software Engineer with Oracle, where he functions as his team’s architect. Prior to Oracle, he worked for NetSuite and Sun Microsystems, both of which were acquired by Big Red (so if you’re hoping to be acquired by Oracle, give him a call). With over 21 years of experience, he has worked with a number of programming languages (Java, C/C++, Javascript, PHP, Python, Delphi and so on) in a variety of industries, with Java — and Java EE — being the primary focus for well over a decade now. He found Kotlin a few years ago, and has been trying to use it everywhere possible.

Please go to Meetup and sign up so we will have a count for the food. We thank Techlahoma for generously providing the food and drink, and to StarSpace46 for providing the facility.

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