2017 March Meeting -- Time Change: 12:30 - 14:00


Reactive Spring


StarSpace46 / Techlahoma 1141 W. Sheridan Avenue


2017-03-14 12:30

Spring 5 is almost here! One of the most exciting introductions in this release is support for reactive programming, building on Pivotal’s Project Reactor to support message-driven, elastic, resilient, and responsive services. Spring 5 integrates an MVC-like component model adapted to support reactive processing and a new type of web endpoint, functional reactive endpoints. In this talk, we’ll dive into the net-new Netty-based web runtime and see how to integrate it with existing Spring-stack technologies, learn how to leverage powerful new testing mechanisms to make code better and life easier, and tie it all together with a live coding demo. If there’s more to your life than CRUD, you need to be there!

Due to the speaker’s flight arrival being too close to our normal meeting time, we have chosen to delay the meeting by one (1) hour. Please note that the new start time is 12:30 pm.

Speaker Bio

Mark Heckler…​

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