2017 July Meeting


Akka Actors


StarSpace46 / Techlahoma 1141 W. Sheridan Avenue


2017-07-11 11:30

Have you been frustrated trying to write a multithreaded program and sticking synchronized on all of your methods? Can 't tell your monitors from your semaphores? There has to be a better way! In this talk, we 'll discuss actor-based concurrency and how it can simplify multithreaded programming. We will distill down Akka Actors, a JVM implementation of the concurrency model that made Erlang famous. Hope to see you there.

Speaker Bio

Dylan Forciea is a software engineer at Oseberg, Inc. in Oklahoma City. He has worked on lots of object-oriented software using Java and C++, and now uses Scala to write software for the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining Oseberg, he has worked on systems ranging from image processing to satellite tasking and control to high rate data acquisition applications at companies such as Raytheon and Sandia National Laboratories.

Please go to Meetup and sign up so we will have a count for the food. Meetup We thank Techlahoma for generously providing the food and drink, and to StarSpace46 for providing the facility.

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