2016 - May Meeting


Kotlin in a Mildly-Elevated State of Agitation


Prototek, 401 NW 10th St. (Downtown OKC)


2016-05-10 11:30

When it comes to the JVM these days, there are enough language choices to choke a horse. The good folks at Jetbrains, though, felt there was room for another and gave the world Kotlin. While it may seem like a new language (it hit 1.0 only this year), Kotlin has actually been in development for several years and is already in production in some significant applications.

In this session, you’ll get a gentle introduction to this newish language, taking a whirlwind tour of all the great features in Java’s newest competitor. We’ll have slides! We’ll have source code! We’ll probably even have some weak attempts at humor, and when we’re done, you should know enough to get you started with this great language. Unless you left early.

Speaker Bio

Jason Lee, Sr. Principal Software Engineer, NetSuite, Inc.

We thank Techlahoma for generously providing the materials for the meeting, including the projector, pizza, and chairs.

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