2016 January Meeting


Legacy Refactoring


Prototek, 401 NW 10th St. (Downtown OKC)


2016-01-12 11:30

This is an updated version of a legacy refactoring demonstration. We 'll have a look at some code that is a mess (what code isn 't) and then work through the code using two different approaches. One, using JMockIt - a power mocking tool, the second, plain vanilla legacy refactoring. We 'll compare and contrast the differences and then see how well the power mocking tool holds after the plain old legacy refactoring approach. We 'll touch on some of the important things to keep in mind when working with legacy code and, more importantly, the smallest unit of reasonable legacy refactoring.

Speaker Bio:

Brett Schuchert

Pizza, Chairs, etc.

We thank Techlahoma for generously providing the materials for the meeting, including the projector, pizza, and chairs.

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