2015 December Meeting


Christmas Party and 'Better Test Driven Development With Property Based Testing'


Prototek, 401 NW 10th St. (Downtown OKC)


2015-12-08 11:30

Property based testing is a method for generating large numbers of random values to test the property, or characteristics, of a class. Jeff will show how to use this to your advantage in test-first development.

Speaker Bio

Jeff Bowman

Christmas Party

We will have our annual JUG Christmas Party. Presents have been provided by the JUG and Hoegg Consulting. We may play a quick game of Dirty Santa, or we may just do giveaways. You will just have to come to find out which.

Pizza, Chairs, etc.

We thank Techlahoma for generously providing the materials for the meeting, including the projector, pizza, and chairs.

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