2014 June Meeting


Generating PDF's with Apache FOP and XSL


Prototek, 401 NW 10th St. (Downtown OKC)


2014-06-10 11:30

New Location

We’re meeting at a new location this month: Prototek OKC. We are very grateful to Prototek for providing the accommodations for our meetings this summer.

Apache FOP is a processing tool that renders content in various formats from an XML (XSL-FO) document. Some of the formats are PDF, PNG, PCL, and AWT. We will discuss a very simple use case that starts with a Web form and ends with an email containing the attached PDF, generated by FOP.

Speaker Bio

Erich Leipold is the COO of Confluex, an integration consulting company. He has been working in IT for the past 22 years, in various roles. He is primarily a Java developer, with additional experience in PHP, Python, and VB. Erich has been working in integration for the past several years, including using FOP for creating dynamic PDF documents.

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