June 2011 Meeting

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When: June 14, 11:30-12:40 Where: Oklahoma City Coworking Collaborative (see Meeting location) Sponsor: Speaker: Alex Miller Topic: Clojure Life Agenda 11:30 am - Welcome Announcements 11:40 am - Main Presentation 12:40 pm - Wrap Up

Presentation Information

Clojure Life by Alex Miller

Clojure is a new language that combines the power of Lisp with an existing hosted VM ecosystem (the Java VM). Clojure is a dynamically typed, functional, compiled language with performance on par with Java. This talk will introduce the Clojure language using Conway’s classic "game of life" with cellular automata. We’ll look at a Clojure implementation and explore different design choices around data representation and concurrency while digressing to teach the basics of the language itself.

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