Job Opportunity in Norman


Telogical SystemsWe are seeking a smart and experienced mid-level web and Java developer with a track record of continuous learning and high performance in an Agile software development environment, for our Norman Oklahoma office. You will be joining a team responsible for the entire stack of a mission critical application used every day by internal users. This includes Apache Tomcat, MySQL, Java-based batch processing applications, an ASP.NET-based web front end, as well as a 3rd party web crawling and scripting system. We offer a casual and fun office environment, 10% time (Google-style self-directed innovation time), the ability to work remotely when needed, flextime, competitive salaries, and generous health benefits and PTO. Telogical Systems is a 10-year old, 70 person data and software company serving the US telecom industry. We have a validated business model and exciting prospects for new products and services.

Experience Requirements

  • Proven experience getting things done in an Agile (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) team environment

  • Proven experience in and passion for Agile development techniques (TDD, mocking, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, etc.)

  • Extensive, proven experience in web development and/or web crawling

  • Proven experience learning new skills and technologies as your career has demanded

  • Previous Java/J2EE project experience

  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience with OO principles and design patterns

  • Knowledge of C#, .Net, and XML preferred but not required

Soft Skill Requirements

  • Ability to maintain excellent working relationships with non-collocated users and other colleagues (you will be collocated with your team, but unfortunately not with other stakeholders)

  • Passion for continuously learning

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to mentor others

Education Requirements

  • BS or higher degree in Computer Science preferred but not necessary.


Within 30 days

  • Understand Telogical’s business model and products

  • Understand your team’s entire technology stack, its users and their needs and workflows

  • Be comfortable and effective with Telogical’s internal communication tools (email, IM, wiki, etc.) and processes

  • Be able to create crawlers and data extraction wrappers for basic websites

  • Understand the underlying MySQL database model that is shared by both the internal applications as well as the data mining technologies

  • Be actively participating in all team meetings

Within 60 days

  • Have a firm grasp of web crawling and scripting system such that you are able to handle any new development or maintenance project either independently or as a primary developer pairing with others

  • Be able to train new entry level personnel or mentor existing junior team members on the web crawling and extraction system

  • Be communicating effectively with end users based on your knowledge of their domain and your experience working with them

  • Be actively contributing to sizing and team reviews based on your knowledge of the domain

Within 90 days

  • Be proficient in the backend portions of your team’s technology stack including a MySQL database layer and a Java-based processing system

  • Be able to handle any new development or maintenance work involving this portion of the domain with minimal assistance from others

  • Be able to communicate effectively with Product Manager regarding the projects being planned for the next six months

Within six months

  • Be able to take the lead on any new development or maintenance project for any portion of the domain

  • Be able to train new team members on any portion of the domain

  • Be actively contributing new innovations to the platform thanks to your experience with end users, your engagement with the platform and domain, and your collaboration with other stakeholders (e.g., Product Managers and those engaged in quality and process improvement for the end users)


  • Competitive Salary

  • Health and Dental Insurance

  • 401k Retirement Savings Plan (no matching)

  • Extensive PTO Allowance

  • Flextime

  • No relocation assistance is available.


To apply, get in touch with Joe Vallone. You can find him on LinkedIn, on the OKC JUG mailing list, or through the Telogical Systems web site.

Editor’s Note: The OKC JUG appreciates Telogical System’s sponsorship

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