April 2010

Monthly Meeting (register here)

  • When: April 13, 11:30-12:40

  • Where: Oklahoma City Coworking Collaborative ** (see Meeting location)

  • Speaker: Daniel Mavis

  • Topic: Spring MVC


  • 11:30 am - Welcome Announcements

  • 11:40 am - Main Presentation

  • 12:40 pm - Wrap Up

Presentation Information

The Spring Framework and its various related projects have done a great deal to move the Enterprise Java platform forward. The SpringSource group (commercial company now supporting and developing the Spring portfolio) recently released Spring 3.0 in December 2009. Starting in Spring 2.5, the web MVC support has undergone a significant face-lift to simplify web application development. With the new release the Spring MVC module has completed the transition to much simpler model, using POJO-based controller objects and adding extensive support for REST-style controllers and interactions. The talk will cover the overall architecture of Spring MVC, focusing mainly on the new POJO-based controllers now favored over the old abstract controller class hierarchy. Additionally, the talk will cover some interesting new aspects of Spring 3.0 that help solve common application development problems.

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