November Meeting: The Data is Yours!

If you’d like to look at some of the presentations from today’s meeting, here you go! Intro: Java is Everywhere!"

  1. Chad Gorshing - JUG-Nov-2009-How-To-Write-Untestable-Code.odp[How to write untestable code]

  2. Brent Vaughn - JSF 2

  3. Ryan Hoegg - Biography of Duke

  4. Mitch Blevins - Automatic test data generation

  5. Grzegorz Bugaj - JSFConsole

  6. Ash Lux - Google App Engine

  7. Scott Centille - JavaFX

  8. Les Martin - Wicket

  9. Forrest Humphrey - Mule ESB

Speakers, create a bio or send us your slides and we’ll link them here.

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