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October 2014 Meeting

October 13th, 2014

When: October 14, 2014    11:30 – 13:00


Where: ProtoTek    401 NW 10th St.   Downtown OKC

Website: http://prototekokc.com/


Speaker: Jason Lee

Jason Lee

Jason Lee


Topic: Contract-First REST Development

For many REST developers, API design and implementation is an iterative process taking place mostly in code: a rough idea of the API is mentally sketched out, and some code is written; API tweaks are made, and the code is changed; repeat ad nauseam. While this can and does work, it’s not always the most efficient, as design details can be lost in all the code.


Due to a continuing lack of sponsorship for the remainder of 2014 and delays in getting some sponsorship money that is owed, there will be no food or giveaway at this month’s meeting. If you want to sponsor in the future then please contact Brent Wilkins (drodmaster@gmail.com or bwilkins@hertz.com or 405.650.7467).

Thanks to Chad Gorshing and Nuisto we will be having pizza and pop for the meeting today.

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