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September 2007

September 10th, 2009

Lunch Meeting

  • When: September 11th, recipe 2007 11:30-12:40
  • Where: University of Phoenix (see tadalafil com_google_maps/Itemid,31/” title=”Meeting location”>Meeting location)
  • Topic: Concurrency
  • Speaker: Brett Schuchert
  • Sponsor: Objectmentor


  • 11:30 am – Welcome Announcements
  • 11:40 am – Main Presentation
  • 12:40 pm – Wrap Up

Evening Meeting


  • 6:00 pm – Hello Java
  • 6:30 pm – Pizza
  • 7:00 pm – Welcome Announcements
  • 7:15 pm – Main Presentation continued
  • 8:45 pm – Giveaways and Wrap Up

Presentation Information

Hello Java

From no-threading to the executor framework built in to Java 5

        • This is a quick hop through basic threading.
          • We start with a single-threaded server with a failing test (due to performance).
          • We fix the performance problem by introducing basic threading (justified by the Single Responsibility Principle)
          • We then upgrade the server to us the Executor framework instead hand-rolling threads
          • This is a quick example of creating a fixed-size thread pool
          • If time permits (it probably won't), we'll look at a deadlock problem with the executor framework.

Main Presentation

This presentation assumes familiarity with Java, JUnit 4, and basic Threading – the hello Java should suffice

  • We begin with a simple problem of an unguarded, shared resource
    • We fix the problem using synchronized (basic)
    • We fix the problem by NOT guarding (intermediate) using a Java 5 class to do so
    • We then discuss the background behind how this works
  • We continue with a real problem, trying to screen scrape some web pages using the HTTP Client. The whole process takes 30 seconds
    • We evaluate the work to figure out
      • The CPU bound parts
      • The I/O bound parts
      • Estimate how much we can speed things up
    • We then test our way into a multi-threaded solution
    • Evaluate the results
    • Remove contention
    • Move towards our theoretical maximum speed
    • Along the way we'll learn a little more about the executor framework
  • If we have time (we probably won't), we'll have a look at a few more of the Java 5 classes:
    • Barrier or Latch (haven't picked which one yet)
    • ConcurrentHashMap
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