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OKCJUG October Meeting

October 9th, 2012

The JUG is today!


Where: Belle Isle Library, downstairs

When: October 9th, 11:30am

Who: Brett Schuchert

Brett has 20+ years of teaching experience and over 17 years of experience with
object technology. He has worked extensively in developing software, training,
mentoring, and consulting using Java, C++ and Smalltalk as well as software
process and requirements analysis both locally and internationally.  More info
can be found in his Curriculum Vitae located here:

What: Legacy Refactoring

In “Working Effectively with Legacy Code” (Welc hereafter), Michael Feathers
defines legacy code as code without automated tests – I like to add to that
definition “that someone depends upon, e.g., in production”.

Legacy Code is hard to work with? Or is it? Modern mocking tools make creating
what Michael Feathers calls a “link seam” easy, language-driven rather than
build driven, fast, reliable, and, frankly, cool as hell. I like to call this a
“dynamic link seam” instead of a boring old link seam. The former is cool,
fast, automated, and built into the language (or a library), while the latter
requires custom build scripts, custom build targets, and may, depending on the
language, multiple executables.

We’ll take a look at some legacy code and use a modern mocking tool, JMockit to
write some tests to exercise the production code. We will then do some quick
Welc-based refactorings on the code to see:

* How to do it
* Does it improve the code
* Do the tests age well
* What happens if we were to use the modern mocking tool on the “after” code
* Does this suggest anything about having all that power at your fingertips?

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