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Brett Schuchert

September 10th, 2009
Brett SchuchertBrett Schuchert has over 20 years of teaching experience and 17 years of professional software development experience. Starting in the mid 80’s he taught computer literacy courses. At the end of the 80’s while still teaching, he began professionally developing first in C++ (before C++ had multiple-inheritance) and working with Smalltalk (and for a short stint back he used a pre-ANSI, K&R type 1 C compiler for embedded systems development). He continued with C++ and Smalltalk training and consulting, managing to work with both C++ and Smalltalk on the same project using object-oriented database technology for the short time it was in vogue.
In 1997 he developed and deployed his first Java application on top of Java 1.0, which he later migrated to Java 1.1 to take advantage of the newly-added Java Serialization. The project used applets to directly update the DOM of a complex web page to avoid the full turn-around of an HTTP get (this is now referred to as AJAX).
He has continued developing enterprise-level applications in Java and has recently changed the emphasis of his training and mentoring towards software professionalism.
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